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The intent of this group is to serve as a safe haven for respectful and honest people who like to game – regardless of their skill level– that they may gather together and play without the typical vulgarity, rudeness, cheating, and other tomfoolery encountered when playing with randoms.

We provide the community with a place for everyone, regardless of skill level, to feel comfortable with whom they are playing with online. Winning is good, getting better at the game is better, and earning achievements is awesome, but there is no kill count, no skill level, and no achievement worth treating another player badly.

Supported Games


Code of Conduct


▸ having fun while being the best ◂

▸ raiding in Destiny like your (actual) life depended on it ◂

▸ imitating the “grunt birthday party” sound for all kills ◂

▸ completing achievements like you’re getting paid for it ◂

▸ laughing so hard you have to call for a break ◂

▸ meeting people you aren’t afraid to give the sniper to ◂

▸ all night game-a-thons ◂

▸ friendships worth more than your strange coins ◂


▸ cheating or any act that sullies the spirit of any game ◂

credit farming or full party boosting in Halo 4

▸ insulting or humiliating fellow gamers

advertising for other groups, clans, or communities


intentional team betrayal

creating, downloading, or participating in modded game content or activities

violating the Xbox Live Code of Conduct/Xbox Live Terms of Service

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